Name: Jarno Opmeer

Birthday: 11 april 2000

Nationality: Dutch 


I started racing when I was 4 years old in a mini junior kart on the track in Strijen.  When I was 7 years old I entered my first race, which was a club Championship at SHW in Strijen. In 2007 I became the club champion at SHW. After that I entered the Dutch championships in 2008. I stayed at the mini junior karts until 2011 and was a Dutch champion in 2009 and 2010. After this I transferred to the KF-juniors and also was the Dutch Champion in this year. In 2012 I entered the KF Benelux championship and international Rotaxraces. Then a busy year arrived in 2013 I entered the KF-juniors German championship, EK, WK and X30 EK and WK. In 2014 I became 7th in the Junior German Championship. I transferred to the highest racing class KZ of karting in 2015. I was the youngest racer in the Dutch and German Championship and had several podium places. Also I entered the big Las Vegas SKUSA race. In 2016 I pronounced that I will be transferring to the FIA formula 4 NEZ with MP Motorsport.


2007 Clubchampion SHW Mini Junior

2009 Dutch Champion Mini Junior

2010 Dutch Champion Mini Junior South-Holland Champion

2011 Dutch Champion KF- Juniors

2012 Driven KF 5 Benelux Championship and International Rotax matches

2013 KF Junior Wintercup Lonato German Championship, EK en WK X30 EK and WK

2014 KF Junior German Championship 7th place 

2015 Transfer to the highest level of kart racing class KZ (schakel klasse?) 

-        Youngest driver in Dutch and German championship

-        Dutch Championship several podiums

-        German Championship (worldtop) several podiums

-        Las Vegas SKUSA

2016 F4 NEZ with MP Motorsport